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The FullDorm Promise - FullDorm is commited to bringing students quality listings exclusively from local reputable brokers. We screen each broker individually before they can post on our site. FullDorm offers a quality service and we don't accept anything less from our brokers. If at any time our users give us feedback about a legitimatley poor experience they had due to the negligence or unprofessional actions of the broker, we'll kick them from our site and back to sites like Craigslist or wherever else those brokers like to do business.
* See the 4 rules



1. Search listings using the map


2. Click on the clusters or zoom in to your preferred area


3. Each pin is an available property. Click the pin to see property information


4. Property information will show up in this box.


5. To contact the agent for that listing, simply click the "I want to see this property" button when the listing is displayed in this box. If you have any questions or feedback send us an email



Notice: the information contained in this section has been submitted by non-campus affiliates that include: real estate agents, real estate management/development companies, and local landlords. FullDorm makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within this section.


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